“Enola” The Visionary 22X28 Acrylic on Canvas

"Enola"    Native name for Alone 22X28 Acrylic on Canvas

Canvas Wrap 1 1/2 in sides Prints or custom orders available.  Contact me for more information

This is an abstract painting of a Native American Girl named “Enola”, The Visionary.    I took a lot of time deciding her name after I painted it.     The name Enola comes from Indian origin meaning alone and “Enola spelled backwards spells alone.     Four out of Ten people don’t even see her in this abstract, which really surprises me, but I became a believer when it kept happening.    If you do see her, imagine her Invisioning something, and/or viewing in the distance something we can’t see.



  1. Being that it is Native American Heritage Month, we are doing a coat and blanket drive for the residents of Pine Ridge Reservation. Also we want to display a flyer at our drop-off table about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse among American Indian youth. We want to let them know they are not alone, and to “Choose your path wisely, preserve your Tradition”.


  2. This is a beautiful painting. I would love to use it in an upcoming event my sorority will be hosting on our college campus.


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