Spring is Here Flowers

2011 Artwork, abstract art, acrylic paint, art, Art Work, Floral, Impressionism, impressionism art, painting

 This is a 12X12 canvas wrap, Acrylic Painting created with only a pallet knife.  I used some gold leaf on it and then a high gloss finish.  I recently gave a class to show how to let stress go via painting like this.  The key is in the beginning not to think about what your painting just let the painting start out to be something on its own.  This is really my most favorite type of painting style.  Once you start seeing  what the painting might turn out to be then go with it and make the adjustments needed.  The Olivia Fire Dancer started out this way.     Price $65.00  12X12 1 3/4 sides High Gloss glaze.


2 thoughts on “Spring is Here Flowers

  1. June your always so sweet, Thank you, I hope to give another class soon. Again thank you and I hope your doing good! Dana


  2. I heard of this technicque years ago….love the idea. Really like the above painting you did. You are so talented Dana.

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