Skyscape Purple Line Oil 16X20 Oil on Canvas

Skyscape Purple Line 61509



  1. The Skyscape Purple Line Oil is a very cool painting to say the least. the way the road sensually winds across the screen leaves one feeling very peaceful and at one with the earth. There must be a bit of heaven in the sky in North Carolina!


  2. That truly is a beautiful sky. Thanks for your comment on my post. Welcome to the blogging world! Keep up the beautiful painting. I look forward to seeing more from you!


  3. Hey Lady!! It’s about time you discovered blogs!! I think they are a great way to express yourself and get lots of opinions-wanted and otherwise. This way you can talk about all of the things you need to get off of your chest and may find someone to talk to you back!! Get busy for Dusty!! Paul likes this one. I think you are doing great with your paintings and better and better with the oils. Keep up the good work!! TTYL!! Love and miss Ya Both!! Trisch and the rest


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