Dana Jane’s Biography




“Dana Jane” Garner

email:   danajanedesigns@live.com

From my earliest memories I have always wanted to be an artist. I enjoyed seeing artists at work wondering how in the world they did that. I have always wondered how I could as well. I have many experiences in the corporate world and in the military. Within my endeavors around the United States, I realized the positions I have accomplished by trade were definitely based on my desire to create and be creative. Whether it was in desktop publishing, the printing industry, or custom framing, anything I could do, I have put myself around art soaking it all in for many years. When I was in Real Estate it was as if I were visiting an art museum as I previewed several houses for sale a week. The idea of setting the stage for houses to show for sell was certainly an education as well as entertaining.

Of course, being an artist took a back seat to being in a career, being a wife, and mother and at times the only bread winner. All my experiences have certainly inspired my ambition to purse art with a passion. In 2004 I decided I could not contain this passion any longer. I would imagine finished work of art in my thoughts. Everything I thought of and looked at was in danger of being put on my canvas, in my way. I started out with acrylics using self-taught techniques from books, videos, movies and anything I could get my hands on to be able to pursue this. I studied every detail of different paintings and realized I love to manipulate color and strive to give some mystery to any art piece I do.

I moved to Franklin, NC where this is a wonderful place to study art. There are many artists in the area to learn and grow from. I became a member of the Macon County Art Association. I continue to learn with the many talented and passionate artists I knew every day. They are most definitely inspiring. When I first arrived in the Western North Carolina Mountains, I felt the scenery to be just breath taking.  I moved back in South Carolina and every day there is new scenery and where ever I go is an inspiration to I will try to do justice within my art and show the passion I have as well as encourage others to do the same.



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